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Finding Quiet is my business name and mantra.  My goal is to support you and your horse to find the quiet that will allow you to connect and work together efficiently.

I do this through equine bodywork, to help your horse find his "inner quiet" and also by designing and co- facilitating workshops with horses, to help you explore your "inner quiet", even if you don't own a horse.  I apply the principles of craniosacral therapy (CST) in my work with animals and humans.

This site discusses the process and results of equine craniosacral therapy, as well as the way I work with your horse.  If you are interested in more details about human CST, please visit the website I have developed to discuss this process and benefits for you.   


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There are many different types of equine bodywork, which can benefit all types and levels of horses.  A Grand Prix level dressage horse may receive regular treatments, as well as a beloved trail-horse.  Just as human bodies absorb and/or defend against the effects of work and daily activities, so do our horses' bodies.  Therefore, a regularly scheduled massage treatment enables your horse to deal with the stress and strain of his/her job.  Or, a series of treatments may be helpful in aiding her/him to overcome a long-term injury or movement pattern.  Your horse can benefit from a massage treatment, regardless of discipline, English or Western, or specific events.  

I have worked on many different types of horses, from western trail horses and barrel racers to horses trained in dressage and hunter/jumper eventing, and even a polo horse or two.  



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