Finding Quiet Equine provides services to help horses and people to realize their potential.  More information on each of the areas is available on the corresponding pages.

Schedule appointments for both your horse, and yourself, to address the movement patterns that limit your partnership!

  • Equine Massage

    Invest in your horse's health and performance.  Effective January 1, 2013, rates will be $80/horse plus a travel charge.  If I am able to combine trips to clients, the travel charge will be adjusted accordingly.  (Yes, this is a "decrease" in rate per horse from 2012, as I am un-coupling the travel charges to be respective of distance travelled.)

    Contact me to arrange for a demonstration at your barn, or for your Pony Club.

  • Human Craniosacral Massage

    As you know, our horses pick up small shifts in our mood, energy and balance.  This subtle, hands-on modality of bodywork can help your body regain and maintain balance, as your work and play.  Regular treatments will help your body maximize its inherent health and healing.

  • Workshops

    Opportunities to work with horses as guides to increasing our personal and inter-personal awareness. Workshops are offered a couple of times each year. 

    To organize an event or day for your group or team, call for a quote.  This is corporate training that you won't forget!